Brandon Holland

Kansas 10th House District

“If elected to the Kansas House, my focus will be on helping all Kansans recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and move forward towards a more prosperous tomorrow.” – Brandon


Holland Seeks Kansas House Seat

“I’m incredibly concerned about the health and financial well-being of Kansas wage earners, who’ve been struggling for years since the Great Recession and with the Legislature’s refusal to expand Medicaid. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, life is going to get harder for us all. We need to ensure that working people have access to quality medical care, including mental health services,” Holland said. “If elected to the Kansas House, my focus will be on helping citizens and small businesses alike recover and ultimately move forward in a post-COVID-19 environment. I will also be advocating for Medicaid expansion, making critical mental health services accessible for all Kansans, and fully funding K-12, post-secondary vocational and technical education opportunities.”

Mr. Holland has resided in the 10th District since 1993 and is a graduate of both Lawrence High School and the University of Kansas. He works as a manager at a locally-owned business in Lawrence and has worked for several small businesses both as an employee and an independent contractor. His post-secondary education at the University of Kansas includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a minor in Global and International Studies. He recently served as a legislative intern in the Kansas Senate and previously served as a summer intern for former U.S. Congressman Dennis Moore. He has extensive experience in working on various congressional, state-wide and local political campaigns



  • Consumers, employers and employees will ultimately determine when / how things “return to normal”
  • This process will take several months / some things may never fully return to “business as usual”
  • Does not support liability exclusions for select organizations or industries
  • Provide and maintain a SAFE learning environment for students, teachers and support staff in our K-12 public schools AND protect K-12 funding
  • Pass Medicaid Expansion
  • Extend state unemployment benefits for laid off workers actively seeking employment
  • Increase Workers Compensation benefits for workers (including COVID-related illnesses)
  • Suspend foreclosures / rental evictions / utility disconnects
  • Implement price gouging protections
  • Exempt certain federal pandemic relief payments from creditors
  • Freeze residential property tax increases for fixed income seniors


  • Supports Medicaid Expansion
  • Wants to make mental health parity a reality for Kansans – supports the Kristi L. Bennett Mental Health Parity Act
  • Supports Medicinal Cannabis
  • Wants to stop pharmaceutical drug price gouging (e.g. – out of pocket insulin costs)

Education / Workforce Development

  • Supports constitutional funding of K-12 public schools
  • Supports technical training / post-secondary educational opportunities for working adults


  • Marginal income tax rates are too skewed in favor of wealthy individuals
  • The sales tax on food needs to be eliminated
  • Residential property taxes in growth areas of the state are overly burdensome on fixed income homeowners

Equality / Human Rights

  • Respect for ALL individuals regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or identity

Bodily Autonomy / Reproductive Rights

  • Government should not interfere in a woman’s right to make fully informed reproductive healthcare decisions
  • Government should not deny or unduly hinder a woman’s right to access to abortion services

Workplace Safety / Workers Rights

  • Repeal state-mandated use of AMA workers’ compensation impairment assessment guidelines 6th edition

Economic Development

  • Supports raising the state minimum wage
  • Making all eco / devo programs transparent and measurable

Gun Rights / Safety

  • Supports the 2nd amendment
  • Supports concealed carry permitting / does not support constitutional carry
  • Believes assault rifles should be banned
  • Believes sales of all firearms should be raised to age 21



Brandon was born on Feb. 5th, 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At age four, he moved with his family to the 10th District. Brandon started Kindergarten at the then-brand-new Prairie Park and was a member of the first class to go K-6 at the school. Brandon then went to South Junior High School.

By high school, Brandon was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities. He played bass in the LHS orchestra. He was a starting center for the football team, a varsity wrestler, and in the spring played rugby as a member of the Kansas Jayhawk Rugby Football Club in Lawrence. He graduated from Lawrence High School in 2007.

Brandon has been extremely active in Kansas Democratic Party politics and campaigns. Even before he was old enough to vote, Brandon has been actively involved with helping the Democrats in numerous election cycles. In Spring 2008, at age 19 he interned for former congressman Dennis Moore in Washington, D.C. In 2017, Brandon interned for State Senator David Haley (D-Wyandotte). In 2018, Brandon interned for the Douglas County Democrats, and then worked as a KDP canvasser for Paul Davis’s congressional campaign.

Brandon enrolled at KU in the fall of 2007. While in college, he explored various educational interests and even spent one summer studying Arabic at al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. He also pursued his passion for Rugby and served as President of the KU Men’s Rugby Club. On the rugby field, however, Brandon suffered numerous concussions. This led to brain trauma that led to struggles with mental health issues causing him to drop out of college. After working with a brain-trauma neuro-psychologist for five years and then with a learning disadvantaged center, Brandon was able to regain most of his cognitive skills and graduate 11 years after first enrolling. Brandon graduated from KU in 2018 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in global and international studies.

Starting in his sophomore year in high school and working through college, Brandon has been an hourly wage earner. His numerous jobs include working as a busboy, bouncer and a bar back and as well as doing structural maintenance work for an independent landlord in Lawrence, doing everything from painting to masonry to demolition. Brandon currently works as a store manager for a local liquor store in Lawrence.

Brandon is devoted to working for the Kansas Democratic Party, as he sees it as a critical vehicle for affecting real change for Kansans of all economic levels.

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